Consulting Services for Brands

Consulting Services for Brands

Markets for consumer goods have become highly complex and are fast changing. Among the most challenging developments are the exponential growth of E-commerce and most recently also M-commerce. Price-competition from online retailers has forced most physical retailers to severely compromise their service standards.

These developments have had detrimental effects on brands, as well. Physical displays become scarcer and customers often do not get adequate service and advice. We at Segmentis see, however, in the current situation also immense opportunity for brands to renew, innovate and prosper.

Segmentis is a truly different, better, highly innovative consultancy that primarily aims to assist brands (and retailers) in the assessment and improvement of their multi-channel marketing strategies.

Even well needed change is often difficult to achieve. Bringing in qualified outside experts can greatly contribute towards achieving profitable transitions. It is time for brands to take fuller control of the health and effectiveness of all their marketing channels. Are you ready? If change is on your mind we are the multi-channel marketing experts you can truly rely on.

Primary Areas of Expertise:

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Supply chain management

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • Mobile commerce and mobile-app development
  • Multi-channel and cross-channel advertising
  • Social media marketing

Consulting Services for Brands

Key questions we can help you answer:

The following table details some of the common questions and issues that we help our clients solve, and the tools we use in each case.

Key Questions for BrandsSolutions and Tools
1. How does my brand’s multi-channel strategy compare to the most effective policies in my market? Where am I doing well? What can still be improved?
I. Competitive benchmarking - We track the behavior of brands (and retailers) in various markets and will tell you how they do. We will advise you which policies are likely to work well for you.
2. Should I sell all my products via online channels? It puts tremendous pressure on my prices and complicates my business-relationships with full-service stores.II. Marketing-mix analysis - We use the 4P framework (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) analysis to determine your brand’s strategic long-term 2-channel marketing mix. Such analysis can help determine, for example, what proportion of your sales should optimally be done on the Internet (e.g., 0%, 50%).
3. How should I optimally set wholesale and retail prices (online and offline) in order to maximize overall profits?

4. Should I offer better terms to physical stores than to online stores?

III. Pricing & revenue management – Multi-channel price optimization is our main area of expertise. We use our proprietary Slider-Analysis™ 2-channel price optimization tool developed specifically for the consumer goods industry. Applying pricing and revenue management techniques (e.g., dynamic pricing) can increase most sellers’ margins between 2% and 7%.
5. How can I maintain a viable network of full-service stores while my products are selling online so cheaply?

6. I want my end-customers to get first-class experience, with great product information and superior service. I know that my own flagship stores can achieve this goal. But are there more cost-efficient ways?
IV. Supply chain management – We offer a wide variety of SCM tools and techniques. The methods we use are mostly aimed at creating profitable and sustainable balance between the interests and needs of all stakeholders: your brand, as well as its physical retail partners, online retail partners, and end-customers.