Consulting Services for Retailers

Consulting Services for Retailers:

Markets for consumer goods are increasingly complicated and fast changing. Among the most challenging development are the exponential growth of Internet based commerce, and most recently mobile commerce. Intense price competition between online and physical retailers has created a situation in which most online and physical retailers (if not all) fight for mere survival while being forced to dramatically reduce customer service levels. The challenges faced by the retail industry are clearly apparent from widespread store closures and retail-chain failures (e.g., Circuit City).

These developments are detrimental to most retailers. However, as with many crises they also present immense opportunity.

Segmentis is a truly different, better, highly innovative consultancy that primarily aims to assist retailers (and brands) in the assessment and improvement of their multi-channel marketing strategies.

As you know, even when direly needed, change can be extremely difficult to achieve. It is time for retailers to take fuller control of their environment: price, service and technology. Bringing in qualified and reliable outside expertise can help to bring about such successful and profitable transitions. We will help you achieve better and more supportive supplier-relationships. Your suppliers have a stake in your business’ health and they can certainly do more about it. Are you ready? If change is on your mind we offer you the best pricing and multi-channel marketing advice you can find.

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Supply chain management

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile commerce and mobile-app development
  • Multi-channel and cross-channel advertising
  • Social media marketing
Consulting Services for Retailers

Key questions we can help you answer:

The following table details some of the common questions and issues that we help our clients solve, and the tools we use in each case.

Sample Key Questions for RetailersSolutions and Tools
1. How does my multi-channel strategy compare to the most effective policies in my market? Where am I doing well and where can I still improve?

2. How can I increase foot traffic into my stores?
I. Competitive benchmarking - We are tracking the behavior of retailers (and brands) in various industries and will tell you what they do. We will advise you which policies are likely to work well for you.
3. Should I sell all my products at my online store? It puts pressure on the same products’ in-store prices. II. Marketing-mix analysis - We use the commonplace 4P analysis (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) to determine your strategic long-term 2-channel marketing mix. Such analysis can help determine, for example, what proportion of your sales should optimally be done on the Internet (e.g., 0%, 50%).
4. Should I match any credible online price my customers bring to me?

5. How can I optimize my pricing policy?
III. Pricing & revenue management – Multi-channel price optimization is our main area of expertise. We use our proprietary Slider-Analysis™ 2-channel price optimization tool developed specifically for the consumer goods industry. Applying pricing and revenue management techniques (e.g., dynamic pricing) can increase most sellers’ margins between 2% and 7%.
6. How can I use mobile apps to better connect with my in-store customers and enhance their shopping experience?IV. Mobile shopping-app design and development advisory – we have profound expertise in the development of shopping apps for retailers. This is a focus-area for us as we see great promise in the future of in-store shopping apps.