Profitable online-offline segmentation

Segmentis makes profitable online-offline segmentation possible

In-store shoppers choose between two classes of service:

1. Highest Convenience: In-store Purchase

Segmentis Mercedes

Immediate delivery, in-store returns, free post-sale services (installation or fitting, technical support, extended warranty, etc.)

2. Lowest Price: Online Purchase

Profitable online-offline segmentation Segmentis

Delayed delivery, no in-store returns, extra charges for post-sale services, restricted or no warranty.

Matching in-store and online prices is essentially no different than offering a Mercedes S-Class for the price of an A-Class. So why consider that?

Segmentis helps brands and retailers work together to avoid inefficient price matching!

Physical stores have a much higher cost base than online stores (typically 15-25% higher overheads). Therefore, their only way to sustain price-matching is by asking brands for deeply discounted wholesale-prices.
Consequently smaller brands who cannot afford such subsidies find it increasingly difficult to get their products into physical stores. Even large and successful brands cannot always locate good display spaces for all their best-selling products.

This is a huge problem for brands and retailers. Segmentis is here to help!

Not everybody can afford an S-Class Mercedes and neither can all store-visitors can be profitably converted inside the store. Online price-matching simply does not work. We think it is always better to induce your most price-sensitive customers to purchase online. However, optimal customer segmentation within a supply-chain requires close collaboration between supply-chain partners.

Segmentis knows how to coordinate supply chains in ways that benefit for all stake-holders: brands, physical retailers, online retailers and end-customers. Whether you are a brand or a retailer talk to us about your multi-channel challenges. It pays!