About Segmentis

Segmentis is a consultancy & corporate education company that specializes in smart multi-channel pricing and marketing solutions. We use the most modern business analytics tools ("Big Data") to help organizations determine and optimize their revenue-management strategies. We have a strong focus on the consumer goods and retail sector, and cater to the special needs of manufacturers, as well as retailers.

The company is led by Dr. Ori Marom, a pioneering researcher in the area of pricing and revenue management. Dr. Marom formerly served as a professor of business and economics at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. His work on multi-channeling and dynamic pricing was published in prestigious international journals and conference proceedings.


Our consulting services build strongly on our own original research and unique perspectives. What keeps us apart from other consultants is our passion to innovate and change the status quo. We are resolving long standing channel conflicts, such as showrooming, and our experience, science and broad knowledge uniquely enables us to do so.


Segmentis offers educational programs (corporate seminars and workshops) that provide your marketing managers with the most up to date information on current practices in the dynamic world of multi-channel marketing.


mobile commerce is expected to account for over half (53.3%) of all retail ecommerce sales in the US by 2021 (Source: eMarketer, 2019).
retail stores closed in the US in 2019, a 59% jump from 2018. (Source: CNN Business, 2020)
percent of US consumers use their mobile devices in stores to compare prices (Source: Statista, 2019)
percent of shoppers believe they are more knowledgeable than retail sales associates (source: Microsoft 2019 Retail Trends Report)

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