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Technology helps us build new, and often surprising bridges between people, cultures, companies, ideas, and more. Your digital strategy should therefore involve deep insights about the useful networks you envision and want to create, nourish and develop. For example, you might want to build new digital platforms to better connect your people to each other, and to your customers and suppliers. However, could you also benefit by building new digital bridges to your competitors? Build great digital networks that really work for your business!

We all know from our daily lives that change is often not easy. Yet, your organization’s digital transformation is key for its future success, or even its survival. A great digital strategy must therefore balance embracing disruption and overcoming resistance to change. Train your people, communicate goals early-on, reward employees for transforming own tasks, use technology to facilitate career-growth even for digital non-natives. Technology is all about the people.

Use technology to develop new revenue streams by tapping into new market opportunities. In any industry, organizations can leverage very low marginal costs of digital products and services to achieve rapid growth. This strategy could fast become attractive for your organization as you become better at using digital solutions for enhancing existing products and streamlining internal operations. For example, a port that develops AI-based solutions for local vessel traffic-management (VTS) can sell similar solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to other ports worldwide. Expand your business by making digital an integral part of your overall marketing strategy.

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I offer consulting services in these key digitization areas:

  • Digital strategy

  • Digital infrastructure & platforms

  • Robotics & automation

  • Cost-reducing innovation

  • Digital transformation

  • Transportation systems

  • Drones: UAS & UTM

  • Smart city / smart port

  • Supply-chain optimization

  • Sustainable development

  • Internet of Things

  • Data science

  • Data transformation & delivery

  • Digital lab & intrapreneurship

  • Cloud & edge computing

  • Organizational architecture

  • Change management & communications

  • Digital culture

  • Agile development

  • Project management