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In an increasingly connected business world it is more important than ever to build powerful networks involving both people and machines.

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in your daily life you have surely experienced the growing interoperability of the devices you use. Your phone, your PC, your car, and other devices are increasingly talking to each other to better serve you. Your business flows should be no different. Soon, 5G combined with edge-computing will enable you to utilize powerful networks of applications and devices to create new efficiencies and better serve your customers.

today high-powered computing combined with low-latency (5G or LTE) communications allow you to re-design your processes in a highly productive way. For example, employees can tele-operate machines such as forklifts or even trucks thus avoiding hazardous areas. Augmented Reality (AR) applications allow experts to participate in processes half-way around the world afar. For example, a surgeon can operate on a patient remotely. Your in-house experts can use such technologies to better collaborate globally and create incredible possibilities together.

for most businesses 5G enterprise-level connectivity is already crucial today. Yet, 5G and IoT are new subject areas for many executives. It is therefore important for you to get informed and determine whether realizing your business strategy would require private 5G networks. Alternatively, you could use hybrid 5G models together with a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). It is vital that you choose the right IoT applications for your business.

My Services

I offer consulting services in these key IoT & 5G areas:

  • IoT strategy

  • IoT implementation

  • IoT project management

  • 5G strategy

  • Private 5G networks

  • Public 5G networks

  • Hybrid 5G models

  • LTE (4G and 4.5G)

  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-P

  • Private spectrum

  • Edge computing

  • Sensor networks

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Smart infra

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Connected vehicles

  • Connected yard machines

  • Manufacturing 4.0

  • Trend scouting

  • Vendor selection