Segmentis was founded in 2014 by Dr. Ori Marom, [ see bio ] an expert in the area of price optimization and smart mechanisms for market segmentation. Before Segmentis, Dr. Marom taught at Erasmus University Rotterdam and published his economic research in top international journals.

Market segmentation occurs when consumers have a choice between different product or service options that are offered by the same seller. Segmentis helps your organization design those choices to maximize your profits.

In Multi-Channel environments customer segmentation occurs naturally because well-informed customers are free to choose in which channel to buy (e.g., in a physical store or online).

Segmentis’ specialty, therefore, lies in the intersection of pricing, digital-marketing technology, and multi-channel marketing.


We work closely with our clients to identify their most suitable multi-channel strategy (e.g., the selection of products that they want to sell online), and then allign their price and offerings in each channel to maximizing their profits.